Cardinal Care of Virginia is Here

The wait is over. Cardinal Care is here for you!

In 2023 Virginia Department of Medical Assistance or DMAS consolidated all medical assistance services under one umbrella. Cardinal Care made its debut January 1, 2023, with the dual mission of simplifying program information for Medicaid and FAMIS members, and minimizing gaps when a members’ needs change over time.

As of March 1, members who are currently served by managed care organizations or MCO‘s, will receive new ID cards, replacing the current cards. However, no new ID cards will be issued right away for FAMIS, fee-for-service or Plan First members.

In May another major benchmark requires action by current Virginia Cardinal Care, formerly Medicaid members. The national Public Health Emergency that was in place since 2020 ends on May 11. This means residents of Virginia and nationwide will be required to complete eligibility screening in order to remain covered by Medicaid.

Take this excellent advice from Virginia’s DMAS: Don’t wait for May 11. Be proactive now, and minimize gaps in medical assistance services when the Public Health Emergency ends. A simple questionnaire here will guide you in re-establishing eligibility for continuing health coverage. For more information on how to keep or obtain new medical benefits, visit Or Call Cover Virginia 855-242-8282

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Posted 02-13-23