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With the final days of the national Public Health Emergency in sight, Virginia’s Department of Medical Assistance Services or DMAS announced important requirements to remain eligible for current medical coverage. All current Medicaid enrollees must complete a short screening survey to update their eligibility under the new Cardinal Care program. Fortunately, no one will immediately lose DMAS medical coverage nor MCO coverage. The changeover at the end of the Public Health Emergency is called Unwinding. This period gives current enrollees ample time to prevent gaps in medical coverage.

What are the new requirements of DMAS, the Department of Medical Assistance Services? Starting March 2023, all individuals and families who currently receive Medicaid or FAMIS benefits must call or go online to update personal information. It’s a simple process that takes only minutes.  Online is quicker but you may also call to update your information. Contact CoverVirginia at 855 242-8282 or your local Dept of Social Services, lookup here.  For Online updating use Inside the link, Scroll down to Check Eligibility or Renew   

Why is it necessary to update member information?  People have moved, changed primary phone and email during the pandemic! Current enrollees (members) will be provided the new and easier to understand program Cardinal Care, which replaces Virginia Medicaid.

Soon you’ll be greeted by email or US Mail Cardinal Care of Virginia and it’s new logo with additional welcome information.  Don’t wait to open your mail! Posted Feb 25, 2023

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CDC on Risks after COVID-19

People with certain medical conditions are at higher risk for becoming sicker than people without the medical conditions on this list. In CDC’s overview, while age is a risk factor, it’s not the only factor. Link here for what you need to know . Guidance on ordering free COVID-19 tests and other FAQ’s here.

Household Resources

Virginia Mortgage Relief

As pandemic restrictions wind down, Virginia homeowners continue to experience financial hardships caused by lasting impact and consequences of COVID-19. The Virginia Mortgage Relief Program, or VMRP, delivers financial assistance to assist homeowners experiencing delinquencies due to financial hardships from pandemic-related causes.

Visit link here and see how to apply for relief, with the full list of qualified expenses. Immediate relief may be available to avoid mortgage default, foreclosure or displacement, among other eligible ownership related expenses.

Visit today.

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FCC Fraud Alerts

From Federal Communications Commission

Detecting fraudsters and phone scammers does not have to be a losing battle. Even though their techniques get trickier every year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other federal agencies are helping to stay ahead of their nasty games. Can you check all the boxes below to Avoid Spoofing Scams? If so, pass it on, and check out other guidance and fact sheets often often on the FCC website.

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