Eyes Wide Open

Light conversations between friends often take a turn to the topic of obstacles faced by aging loved ones. Fortunately many age gracefully by embracing electronic devices such as smart phones, computers to access online customer service.

The more universal dilemma is the unexpected decline in physical mobility and other handicaps that interfere with remaining completely self-sufficient. Further complicating these challenges are constant ads, promising quick fixes. Every one’s situation is very different, including the financial aspect of solutions on the medical and safe home environments.

What can help is a healthy exchange of ideas that work and spotting bait-and-switch or other less effective promises. Here we start the Eyes Wide Open series as a forum to talk about pros and cons of advertised options for seniors adapting to the changing environment. This month’s topic is senior residential communities, and how they differ. Keep in mind there is no 1-size fits all, since needs and care options are as different as night and day. Your own experiences or observations are welcome by replying in the section below. To keep the blog series a safe and anonymous space, visitors should choose a John Doe-type name, and give no identifying personal information. Summer 2023 allowed Advocates for Citizen Access to resume our guided tours of senior living communities. Here we’ll review some differences, some similarities and other topics.

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