Protecting Voter Access in Midterm Elections

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Voting is not only your right, it is your power! This makes it important in today’s climate of partisan rhetoric and political discourse that we, the public, combat attempts by those whose goal is to dilute the power of our votes. 

Efforts to distract or stop voters often involve disinformation and voter suppression tactics. The purpose is to erode public confidence in the election process and election results. Moreover, fact-checking is often absent, making it easy to mislead the public with disinformation using social media and newer methods of technology. Despite these efforts, voters can still harness the power of their vote.

Tools For Stopping Spread of Disinformation

  • Rely and share only trusted and legitimate sources. Before re-posting, look closely at website address or social media source.
  • Recognize which websites are government and nonprofit official sources. Sites ending with “.gov are official sites of Federal or State government. Sites ending in “.orgare nonprofit or official public resource sites.  Sites ending with “.com are primarily for commerce or selling.
  • Click this link to Question the Source and do quick fact check to determine official information sources from bad actors who spread disinformation.

Stop Voter Intimidation On Election Day or During Early Voting

Other tactics used to dilute the power of voting can be more blatant than spreading disinformation. Voter intimidation, such as threats or coercion, is an illegal practice that unfortunately some voters face. Combatting voter suppression is a call to action for all who value voting rights and fair elections. If you find yourself or your neighbor experiencing voter interference of any kind, use a few simple resources to help protect the power of every voter.

  • Check Early Voting Dates/Time and voter identification rules in your state: Your State
  • Verify Your Voting Status On or Before Election Day
  • Report Voter Interference
    • Virginia 800 552-9745     VA Dept of Elections Registrar
    • Maryland   800-222-8683   MD Board of Elections     
    • DC 202 727-2525     DC Office of Elections    
Image Courtesy of League of Women Voters

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