Advocates for Citizen Access serves the public by providing access to time sensitive informational resources for underserved populations. Our mission is to promote improved health outcomes, and safe and affordable living options through our two core programs: Health and Wellness Options (HWO) and Residential Living Alternatives (RLA).

HWO utilizes community events, information sharing, direct outreach and civic engagement  to heighten awareness of health and wellness options.  Visit the tab, New Resources  for urgent announcement from CMS.gov, regarding this year’s Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that allows consumers to apply for and enroll in health care coverage due to insurance lapses created by the coronavirus health emergency of 2021.

RLA offers liaison assistance to identify residential options and provide resources to improve current living environment, such as resolving mobility obstacles, guidance on downsizing and decluttering, and interim support to residents that may be offered through local and state jurisdictions. Visit tab New Resources for the interim mortgage assistance program for Prince William County, VA residents. If relocation to a new residence is deemed medically necessary, search assistance, free of charge, can be requested to find a more appropriate residential setting. 

During pandemic restrictions, we make use of virtual outreach including webinars, telephone consultations, virtual presentations and regular announcements on Facebook.  After pandemic restrictions are eased, we’ll resume community events, scheduled tours of senior residential communities, and in-person session promoting heightened awareness and consumer advocacy. For information we accept inquiries on info@advocatesca.org.