AdvocatesCA Connects People to Resources

Reliable resources matter, especially in time-sensitive circumstances. Information overload  however, can generate confusion and interfere with making crucial decisions. Advocates for Citizen Access is is dedicated to being an informational resource for aging, under-employed and underserved populations. Our mission is serving as liaison to identify options for health and wellness, safe and affordable living, consumer awareness and facilitate civic engagement.

Featured under Why It Matters and Ease of Access are insights into the fight against COVID-19, overcoming safety obstacles at home, and many consumer awareness topics.  Elevate your consumer awareness and make consumer protection a priority.  Program overviews: 

  • Residential Living Alternatives or RLA focuses on downsizing and other upcoming transitions in residential living.  Topics like aging-in-place strategies, and guidance on identifying independent or retirement living, assisted living and continuing care settings. The demands for alternate living environments is  growing at lightening speed. Ask about free resources, upcoming residential tours, and other public information events by email to:
  • Health and Wellness Options or HWO, presents available resources for health coverage, from federal, state and local programs with income-based and age-based support, pandemic updates and more.   For questions and to receive updates email us
  • Consumer Awareness and Protection, is the ongoing initiative to improve cyber literacy, provide wider access to resources and services than ever available by telephone or snail mail, and to increase literacy on reliable internet searches, best practices for safety online and access to consumer protection resources. Learn about protections from growing predatory scams in telemarketing, cyber threats, identity thieves and other global fraudsters.   More information in Events, or email: