Advocates for Citizen Access serves the public by providing access to time-sensitive informational resources for many underserved individuals. The mission is to promote better health outcomes, and safe, affordable living options through two initiatives: Safer Home Living and Health and Wellness.

Safer Home Living provides resources for improving livability at home with guidance for accessing state and local services, reducing in-home safety hazards and adapting to lifestyle changes after the pandemic. Visit In the Community and  Adapting Beyond COVID-19. Health and Wellness promotes access to, and elevates awareness with community events, direct outreach, collaboration with state and local service providers and related public awareness initiatives.  Updates from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention and health agencies at local and state levels are published in What the Experts Say, and resources in Adapting Beyond COVID-19,  and Health and Wellness

Visit Facebook page for public service announcements and access to resources. Throughout the COVID pandemic and public health restrictions, resources are delivered through virtual media with panel discussions, video conferences social media, or phone consultations with health and residential advocates.  With easing of pandemic restrictions, in-personal community-based events will be announced. For free inquiries, email: 

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