Our Mission

Advocates for Citizen Access is dedicated to being an informational resource for aging, under-employed and underserved populations. Our focus is providing options for health and wellness, safe and affordable living, and consumer awareness, protections and civic engagement.

Through our core programs of Health and Wellness Options (HWO), Residential Living Alternatives (RLA) we provide liaison services for obtaining time-sensitive information and resources for individuals.

When identifying adapted, downsized or senior-friendly residential settings, we tap into a network of community service organizations, and local, state and federal agencies to identify appropriate options.

For individuals with medical and health-related access or health insurance gaps, Advocates for Citizen Access assists in identifying options for those who experience limited access to information or services available to them.  Through community outreach events, vast digital resources, and networking, individuals will gain exposure to health and wellness alternatives. For more information contact us at info@advocatesca.org.

Advocates for Citizen Access, established in 2018 at the Virginia State Corporation, is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization under Federal Tax Code. Donations to support the organization’s mission are tax exempt.

Meet the Leadership

Untitled design (63)Florence Stewart

Florence serves as president and executive director, since the organization was founded in 2018.  Her residential advocacy spans over 20 years in the real estate industry, from which she brings problem solving expertise to those navigating obstacles that require digital search proficiency and navigation support in today’s virtual environment. She holds a bachelors degree in business administration. Email: director@advocatesca.org


Untitled design (62)

Donna Lindsay

Serving as vice president, Ms. Lindsay brings to our organization over eight years digital marketing experience from a career in the private sector and a BS in Mass Communications. She introduces a unique perspective to maintaining our digital presence while overseeing website operations and social media engagement. She also oversees the creation of branded materials and acts as liaison with vendors. Email: vp.lindsay@advocatesca.org


Untitled design (61)Maani Stewart

Mr. Stewart serves as secretary/treasurer and brings a strong public health and policy perspective to the organization. From his career in public health and an MS in Public Health, Maani brings policy and subject matter expertise in Medicaid, and consumer-facing experience as the consumer education manager for a national nonprofit during the Affordable Care Act implementation. Our organization is strengthened by his knowledgebase and his dedication to public service. Email: advocate.MStewart@advocatesca.org


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