Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation Hosts Health and History Fair

Health and history are co-dependent. Simply put, a history is built on a foundation of healthy history-makers. In this first of a kind Health and Black History celebration, the community received free health screenings from INOVA and was introduced to health specialists and medical providers while experiencing the rich legacy of African American History in Falls Church through the lens of Edwin B. Henderson, Founder, tinnerhill.org. Director of Fairfax County Health Dept, Dr Gloria Addo-Ayensu, welcomed the audience and many generous partners who provided free health screenings, resources and guidance. Free screening and test kit were donated by Giant Foods, and exhibits by Advocates for Citizen Access, Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, Tiger Lily Foundation and INOV. Program moderators were Deron Campbell of INOVA and Erika Logan-Gales, with program facilitator Lady Nwadike, both of Fairfax County Health Dept. Panelists and presenters were Edwin B Henderson of Tinner Hill, Ms. Dallice Joyner, and health professionals on topics of men’s health and women’s maternal health, pictured.

Women’s Health panel Moderator Erika Logan-Gales and Panelists: Alysia Parker-Stephens,Asenath Ndamukong, Ellen Owusu, Elizabeth Rainey, Kawana Britt

Presentation by Dallice Joyner on Life Balance

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Edwin B. Henderson, Founder Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation


Men’s Health panel Moderator, Deron Campbell and Panelists: Raymond Payden, Dr. Adam Allston and Dr. Altie Shelton

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