About Residential Living

Prepare for a Lifelong Home

Approaching the age of 50’s and above will recall these ah-ha! moments.  Cozy living environments feel less friendly, as staircase to upper level bedrooms become a journey that requires  advance thinking. And major repairs surface at the most in opportune times.

Homefit Guide by AARP is an excellent tool to asses your home through new and enlightened eyes. Take a room-by-room tour of your home and the HomeFit Quiz. While downsizing is popular topic of baby boomers, this process is not quick, nor 1-size-fits-all.  In the meantime, many simple ways to  examine minor ways to assess your living environment and keep it Home Sweet Home in AARP HomeFit Guide.

Fall Prevention is a Serious Matter

Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries! Many falls  however can be prevented. The George Mason University’s Poised program points to simple steps for prevention.  What can be done can dramatically improve quality of life, and reduce emergency room visits.  According to the CDC, people who fall are often later admitted to a long-term care facility after discharge.  Link for sharable brochure.  Source GMU POISED report: Precision Outreach Intervention Surveillance and Exercise.