CDC Guidance on Risks after COVID-19

Updated information was published about certain risks after a COVID-19 diagnosis Feb 15, 2022 as follows.

People with certain medical conditions are at higher risk for becoming sicker than people without the medical conditions on this list. In the CDC overview while age is a risk factor, it is not the only factor. For what you need to know, read here.

Image from People With Certain Medical Conditions, February 15, 2022

Guidance on how free COVID-19 tests can be ordered and other updates here. January, 2022

Advisory from the US Surgeon General

Avoid Pitfalls of Misinformation 

Image: Confronting Health Misinformation 2021 US Surgeon General – cover page

To ensure your information source is fact-based and to prevent pitfalls of misinformation, always  pause to check if the sources is verifiable such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  and official Health Department websites for your state or local government. An advisory from the Office of the US Surgeon General lays out steps for winning the war against misinformation in new publication Confronting Health Misinformation July 2021.

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From Virginia Department of Health

In the fast changing public health emergency of COVID-19, the Virginia Department of Health frequently updates guidance for worried consumers. Visit  and follow important updates on vaccinations priorities.

Recent updates to the mobile app  COVIDWISE by Virginia Health Department, is available on Google Play and App Store. COVIDWISE gives up-to-date insight guidance and how to identify hot spots. Download the COVID-WISE app from VHD   

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